Naftali Bennett is coming to Beth Tfiloh!

Thursday December 3rd at 8pm one of the most important politicians in Israel will be hosted by Mercaz Dahan in our main sanctuary.

The event is sponsored by One Israel Fund, and Eli Burman in memory of his father David Burman.
Naftali Bennett embodies a rare confluence of so many aspects of Israeli achievement.

Warrior:  Bennett served as an officer in the ultra-elite special forces units, Sayeret Matkal and Maglan.  During his army service he was an outstanding leader, and he participated and lead many important missions behind enemy lines.  When Israel went on the offensive in response to a wave of terror in 2002, Bennett was working in New York City.  He dropped everything, boarded a plane, and joined his fellow soldiers to defend the land of Israel.

Innovator: Bennett founded and operated a company that developed computer anti-fraud software.    He also was involved in the development of a company that provided cloud-based remote support services.  The latter caught the attention of venture capitalists including Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Entrepreneur:  Bennett has been involved with two companies that sold for over $100 million.  In the technology world he earned a reputation for himself as a highly capable manager.  Part of the negotiations for the sale of his first company stipulated that a branch would be allowed to remain in Israel.  To this day hundreds of people are employed because of him.

Leader: Bennett left the private sector and entered the world of politics.  In 2006-2008 he served as Benjamin Netanyahu’s chief of staff, and ran Netanyahu’s primary campaign for the head of Likud, enabling Netanyahu to become Prime Minister.  He served as director general of the Yesha Council.  He eventually left Likud to join the Bayit Yehudi party.  He won a landslide victory in their primary to become their leader, and grew the party to become one of the most influential parties in the Israeli Knesset.

Ideologue: Naftali Bennett is a proud religious Zionist.  He is unapologetic in his belief that Israel is the God given land of the Jewish people, and he frequently appears on television to assert the justice of Israel’s cause to defend itself from those who wish to destroy it.  He has worked towards getting the religious community to fulfill their obligation to the nation by enlisting in the army, and he has worked equally hard towards getting the secular community to fulfill their national obligation of educating their children in the history and heritage of the Jewish people.

When it comes to Israeli politics the Baltimore Jewish community is well informed and represents a multiplicity of opinions that span the entire spectrum from left to right.  There are many in our community that may identify strongly with Minister Bennett’s views, while there are others who disagree with him.  Thursday will be a chance for us to hear his positions first hand, ask him challenging questions, and engage in dialogue with him.

Whatever your views, do not miss this rare opportunity to welcome a leader of Israel and the Jewish people.
At this time when Israel is in need of our support, let us gather together and show our brothers and sisters in Israel that they are constantly on our minds, in our hears, and in our prayers.

Here he is with a hostile reporter during the war last summer.

Here he is squaring off in a very hostile interview.