Tonight my Tehilim class studied chapter 16 together.  These are some of my notes on an observation that I had as to how the chapter is connected to Megilat Esther somehow.

Chapter 16
The word neima (pleasant) appears twice in this chapter.  The word only appears one time in the Torah, by the brachah of Yisachar.  Interestingly, the word shafar appears in this chapter also.  This word only appears one time in the Torah, by the brachah of Naftali.

Shimshon Raphael hirsh has a great explanation of the word Naim by yissachar.  (Commentary to Bereishit 49:15)

But what interests me most about this chapter is the similarities to megilat Esther.  
  1. The word adar
  2. the word manot
  3. the word goral
  4. the word shaveh – which appears 4 times in megilat esther and nowhere in the Torah.  
  5. the word Yimin 2x (like Ish yimini)
Also the chapter says about the bad guys that I shall not carry their name upon my lips. This reminds me of Amalek.

Finally, the word Naim is said in reference to Yissachar.  By yissachar it says he will be for a ‘Mas” which is a word that is used a few times in the megilah.  Also In divrei hayamim Yissachar is referred to as those who have understanding of the times,,,to know what Israel should do.”  There is an almost identical passuk in the first chapter in the megilah referring to Achashveirosh’s wise men (whom the Gemara says were the Jewish chachamim).

I have not had enough time to fully understand the connection between the Megilah and this chapter, but there is no doubt that there is one.