Rabbi Gross gives original perspectives on technology, culture, and Torah. He also does synagogue consulting and performs life cycle events. Invite Rabbi Gross to your community today!



  • Domo Arigato Rabbi Luzzatto:  Ancient Jewish Mysticism’s view of Artificial Intelligence
  • Ask Rabbi Google:  Authority in the Age of Search
  • Singularity and the Messianic Age
  • The Lazer Eruv:  A New Technological Solution to an Old Jewish Problem


  • The Torah of Isaac Aimov
  • The Torah of Warren Buffett
  • The Torah of Alan Dershowitz
  • The Torah of Sam Harris
  • The Torah of George Carlin
  • The Torah of Ayn Rand
  • The Torah of S. N. Guenka


  • The Torah in 13 Seconds (A very short lecture)
  • How Much Would the Mishkan Cost Today? (And other thoughts on the Mishkan)
  • Don’t Have a Cow Man: Why Did They Build a Golden Calf?