As I mentioned in an earlier post, Rashi points out at least twice that Yaakov saw himself in Yosef, more so than the other brothers.  But did he also see his brother Esav?

I find it interesting that Yaakov made the mistake of favoring his son Yosef after his own experience where his own father seemed to favor his brother Esav.

When Yaakov sent Yosef to his brothers in Shechem, Yosef answers with “Hineni.”  In Tanach, only a few people use the word ‘Hineni.’  Avraham, Yaakov, and Moshe answer Hashem with ‘Hineni’ when they are called.  The only other people, other than Hashm, that say ‘Hineni’ are Yosef and Esav, and both of them are talking to their father.

Despite being viewed as a bad guy, Esav is commended by the sages for going to extraordinary lengths to honor his father.

When Yosef answers his father ‘Hineni’ Rashi says that it connotes ‘zerizut’ – alacrity or enthusiasm.  “He was enthusiastic to do the bidding of his father even though he knew that his brothers hated him.”

Yitzchak sent Esav on an errand, Esav answered Hineni, and that was when Yaakov came in and stole the brachah.  Yaakov sent Yosef out and with the same word Yaakov’s favorite son was stolen.